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Geek Week

Geek Week is a guilty pleasure for the geek. The show covers a wide range of topics which should entice the casual collector to the avid fanatic to watch. Even if you are a lurker with in the geek world this show is a good doorway to learning more about the world of geeks.

What makes this a good view is the tight production level. Professional level graphics and editing make this a seemless production. Good sound and overall presentation add to the rating of the show. This is eye candy for the geek!

The hosts play a major role in making this show watchable. Brian and Jack mix the conversation up and keep the shows pacing quick and delivered in a way that keeps you interested. The timing and length of the segements is another reason why this is a “keeper” of a show. All of the host have a deep passion for the topics and shows in the presentation. Geek Week uses short skecthes to transition between segements, which have been some of the best parts of the show. Sarah, another host, does a great segement that covers the Cosplay scene. This segement covers some of the best costumes that are to be seen in the local and national Cons.

One of the best parts of the shows is “Time to Bitch”. Jack and Brian take a look at the comics that are making or breaking the piggy banks of comic collectors around the world. The guys spend 2 minutes looking at what they call as some of the best or worst of the comic books coming out.

Over all I would suggest this show to any hard core geek, or even the closet geek. It’s funny, informative and high on production levels. One of the things I would like to see is more! The episodes have come out about once a month. I would like to see more but hey, I am just happy someone is covering the World of Geek.

Rating: 5 out of 5


Tiki Bar TV

Tiki Bar TV is a slice from a different kind of show. It’s one part How-to show, two parts sketch comedy and a smattering of dance video.

For those who have not been living in the world of the tri-w’s, let me explain myself. Tiki Bar TV is most likely the best put together show on the web. Along with being funny, informative and having a sexy host (and no not Johnny-Johnny or Dr. Tiki).

The show is basically about how to make a a cocktail of the day. Each episode revolves around the taste of the day. Our characters Dr. Tiki, Johnny-Johnny (the bartender) and La La spin a story that can range from the avante guard to the extremely absurd. Through the story we learn about the ingredients of a drink and why the Dr. has prescribed this drink for consumption.

The production level is near the top of the ranks in web shows. Many shows now strive to be Tiki Bar but few will match its fast paced humor and the solid writing.

The Chemistry between the cast seems good and lends to the tight delivery of the show. The casting of each character really adds, even when most of the characters are suppose to be cornball parts. The writers, directors and producer of this show should be very impressed with the work that is done here.

My final say is unless your straight edge or pure as a driven snow, you’ll fall for this show and wait on gin baited breath for the next installment of this gloriously delight.

Rating: 5 out of 5


Geekdrome is a show about geeks, for geeks and revolving around things that are geek. Dan and Jon ramble through all the necessities of geek life. From comics to movies these guy cover it all!

The strongest thing going for this show is the talent of the host. Both Dan and Jon are well versed and strongly opinionated about the topics they choose to talk about. The ability is so well developed that it allows the watcher to make better decisions upon whatever movie, comic or geeky subject. If you are a person that likes movies and even think you know a lot of movies, I challenge you to go head-to-head with these guys. Not only do they know their movies but they have pretty good chemistry going on. The trailers and inside information the two have is amazing.

Another part of the show is the interviews. From Kevin Smith to Robert Smigel, these guys have pulled from some of the geek-fandom idols. Bringing these people into the studio to plug, talk or otherwise bullshit makes for great entertainment.

Production value is good but could be better. The sound is one of the problems that could be worked on. Being a editor I know the plagues of editing sound. Sometimes the sound will fluctuate and go from being quite to then blowing your ears out. My suggestion would be to go to wireless microphones (LAV mics).

This show is a fun romp through all the things that we covet. The major problem that I had was it was to long. Most episodes are over an hour long. They do keep pace, but I would find myself wanting to jump ahead to see what they next topic would be. Especially if your a lunch time watcher. This one is going to take you several lunch breaks to get through.

Rating: 4 out of 5

GeekBrief TV

GeekBrief TV is another addition to the technology blog style of show. In the same vein as Rocketboom, GeekBrief TV takes you on a whirl wind, traipsing of the technology news of the day or week. The news it covers is intense and fast paced.

My first reaction is a that Cali is a great pick for a host. She has a passion for the subject she speaks on and is very cute to watch as she hammers out the litany of technology news. Her delivery is strong and leaves very little to be desired in the realm of hosting. She simply sells me on her enthusiasm about the topic being described.

The production value is strong, along with the writing and set design. This is visual eye candy for those people looking for sharp and interesting shows. I would expect that GeekBrief TV would be a show that I would see on CNN or MSNBC inbetween news reports.

The only problem that I have is the delivery of the news could be tighter. Calli, god bless her, delivers the news at what can be called an “ADD” childs speed. It’s fast and at some points I have had to re-watch a portion to get what was said. This might be what the show is going for, since a large portion of the target audience likes fast paced news. I found it a little distracting to have to rewind for information.

While this is only a minor problem. Overal, the show is a good sounding board of technology information. Every day I watch I learn something new, which is my plan when I watch these Tech Blog Shows. So I have reached my goal for a show. I suggest any tech-head subscribe and enjoy a good show.

Rating: 4 out of 5

Something to Be Desired

Something To Be Desired  while not considered an IPTV show is a web-cast that has held the test of time. The show is about to go into it’s fourth season. It’s a strong comedy that has moderate to high production value. The story is about a talk radio station in Pittsburgh, Pa. STBD centers around the jockeys of the public radio station.

What makes this a good watch is the acting and the stories. Justin Kownacki is a strong story teller that also directs and acts in the show. He weaves several stories together to keep the large cast included at all times. The characters are deep and interesting with very few that don’t make an impact on the story. Even some of the secondary actors can be brought back to haunt a story line.

The actors have a great chance to really full out their characters. Kownacki has allowed the cast to be part of shaping this menagerie. It is always nice to see something besides a tech show or even some sketch comedy. High praises for this show.
If you’re looking for a good story that is in small enough snippets to keep your interest without loosing interest try out Something To Be Desired.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Starving with Louis

Starving with Louis is a cooking show out of Boston. This is one of the better produced vidcast out. Quick cuts scenes, film like set-ups and looks add to the shows value.

If you are looking to find a cooking show that teaches you the basics of cooking then move on. Not to say this goes deep into the culinary world but the ingredients are what makes this show special. The first few episodes deal with the ingredient of Ra-men Noodles. You might be turned off by this BUT Marvin makes some pretty good dishes out of this simple and cheap ingredient. I for one made the chocolate deserts and they went over well.

By mid season Marvin had switched his ingredient to catch all of the cheap type of food stuff, SPAM. Between the spam and Ra-men we have a strong comedic timing between Marvin and his co-host Aaron.

I would suggest this to anyone looking for a good laugh and cooking on a budget!

Rating: 4 out of 5

Review: Hak.5

Hak.5 is a technology show based out of Williamsburg that is directed at hacking and moding. Between the hacks and the mods the group brings is a sense of humor and a strong sense of how to keep thing interesting. The show has caught the attention of some of the broadcasted technology shows. Darren, the shows main host has been on several segments of “Call for Help”, and even the show called “Torrents” (both on G4 Canada).

If you are looking for ways to break passwords encyptions, mod your alarm to get DIGG, or even building and “evil” server, you might like this show. Some of the projects are way out there, but then some are just so pratical you want to start them in the middle of the show.

The group supports a good strong editing sense and has added orginal music and graphics to enhance the show. As I have seen the show grow I have been amazed at the production levels and the amount of growth that this crew has gone through.
Rating: 5 out of 5.

What this Blog is about.

With the rise of shows growing out of the Vidcasting/Podcasting era of entertainment. I have seen blogs devoted just listing but very few ones based on reviewing them and sifting through the 1000’s of shows now coming out. Being a person that makes several shows I promise not to review my own shows. i will have guest bloggers that will add those into the site.