Review: Hak.5

Hak.5 is a technology show based out of Williamsburg that is directed at hacking and moding. Between the hacks and the mods the group brings is a sense of humor and a strong sense of how to keep thing interesting. The show has caught the attention of some of the broadcasted technology shows. Darren, the shows main host has been on several segments of “Call for Help”, and even the show called “Torrents” (both on G4 Canada).

If you are looking for ways to break passwords encyptions, mod your alarm to get DIGG, or even building and “evil” server, you might like this show. Some of the projects are way out there, but then some are just so pratical you want to start them in the middle of the show.

The group supports a good strong editing sense and has added orginal music and graphics to enhance the show. As I have seen the show grow I have been amazed at the production levels and the amount of growth that this crew has gone through.
Rating: 5 out of 5.


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  1. limberwulf Said:

    These guys put some awesome stuff together. And they, like many of these shows out there, keep stepping it up and getting better and adding new things. Its great stuff.

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