Starving with Louis

Starving with Louis is a cooking show out of Boston. This is one of the better produced vidcast out. Quick cuts scenes, film like set-ups and looks add to the shows value.

If you are looking to find a cooking show that teaches you the basics of cooking then move on. Not to say this goes deep into the culinary world but the ingredients are what makes this show special. The first few episodes deal with the ingredient of Ra-men Noodles. You might be turned off by this BUT Marvin makes some pretty good dishes out of this simple and cheap ingredient. I for one made the chocolate deserts and they went over well.

By mid season Marvin had switched his ingredient to catch all of the cheap type of food stuff, SPAM. Between the spam and Ra-men we have a strong comedic timing between Marvin and his co-host Aaron.

I would suggest this to anyone looking for a good laugh and cooking on a budget!

Rating: 4 out of 5


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  1. limberwulf Said:

    Good review. I love teh show, Id do a 5 of 5 myself, but then, I kinda cook like that guy too, only not as well…

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