Something to Be Desired

Something To Be Desired  while not considered an IPTV show is a web-cast that has held the test of time. The show is about to go into it’s fourth season. It’s a strong comedy that has moderate to high production value. The story is about a talk radio station in Pittsburgh, Pa. STBD centers around the jockeys of the public radio station.

What makes this a good watch is the acting and the stories. Justin Kownacki is a strong story teller that also directs and acts in the show. He weaves several stories together to keep the large cast included at all times. The characters are deep and interesting with very few that don’t make an impact on the story. Even some of the secondary actors can be brought back to haunt a story line.

The actors have a great chance to really full out their characters. Kownacki has allowed the cast to be part of shaping this menagerie. It is always nice to see something besides a tech show or even some sketch comedy. High praises for this show.
If you’re looking for a good story that is in small enough snippets to keep your interest without loosing interest try out Something To Be Desired.

Rating: 5 out of 5.


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