GeekBrief TV

GeekBrief TV is another addition to the technology blog style of show. In the same vein as Rocketboom, GeekBrief TV takes you on a whirl wind, traipsing of the technology news of the day or week. The news it covers is intense and fast paced.

My first reaction is a that Cali is a great pick for a host. She has a passion for the subject she speaks on and is very cute to watch as she hammers out the litany of technology news. Her delivery is strong and leaves very little to be desired in the realm of hosting. She simply sells me on her enthusiasm about the topic being described.

The production value is strong, along with the writing and set design. This is visual eye candy for those people looking for sharp and interesting shows. I would expect that GeekBrief TV would be a show that I would see on CNN or MSNBC inbetween news reports.

The only problem that I have is the delivery of the news could be tighter. Calli, god bless her, delivers the news at what can be called an “ADD” childs speed. It’s fast and at some points I have had to re-watch a portion to get what was said. This might be what the show is going for, since a large portion of the target audience likes fast paced news. I found it a little distracting to have to rewind for information.

While this is only a minor problem. Overal, the show is a good sounding board of technology information. Every day I watch I learn something new, which is my plan when I watch these Tech Blog Shows. So I have reached my goal for a show. I suggest any tech-head subscribe and enjoy a good show.

Rating: 4 out of 5


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