Geekdrome is a show about geeks, for geeks and revolving around things that are geek. Dan and Jon ramble through all the necessities of geek life. From comics to movies these guy cover it all!

The strongest thing going for this show is the talent of the host. Both Dan and Jon are well versed and strongly opinionated about the topics they choose to talk about. The ability is so well developed that it allows the watcher to make better decisions upon whatever movie, comic or geeky subject. If you are a person that likes movies and even think you know a lot of movies, I challenge you to go head-to-head with these guys. Not only do they know their movies but they have pretty good chemistry going on. The trailers and inside information the two have is amazing.

Another part of the show is the interviews. From Kevin Smith to Robert Smigel, these guys have pulled from some of the geek-fandom idols. Bringing these people into the studio to plug, talk or otherwise bullshit makes for great entertainment.

Production value is good but could be better. The sound is one of the problems that could be worked on. Being a editor I know the plagues of editing sound. Sometimes the sound will fluctuate and go from being quite to then blowing your ears out. My suggestion would be to go to wireless microphones (LAV mics).

This show is a fun romp through all the things that we covet. The major problem that I had was it was to long. Most episodes are over an hour long. They do keep pace, but I would find myself wanting to jump ahead to see what they next topic would be. Especially if your a lunch time watcher. This one is going to take you several lunch breaks to get through.

Rating: 4 out of 5


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