Tiki Bar TV

Tiki Bar TV is a slice from a different kind of show. It’s one part How-to show, two parts sketch comedy and a smattering of dance video.

For those who have not been living in the world of the tri-w’s, let me explain myself. Tiki Bar TV is most likely the best put together show on the web. Along with being funny, informative and having a sexy host (and no not Johnny-Johnny or Dr. Tiki).

The show is basically about how to make a a cocktail of the day. Each episode revolves around the taste of the day. Our characters Dr. Tiki, Johnny-Johnny (the bartender) and La La spin a story that can range from the avante guard to the extremely absurd. Through the story we learn about the ingredients of a drink and why the Dr. has prescribed this drink for consumption.

The production level is near the top of the ranks in web shows. Many shows now strive to be Tiki Bar but few will match its fast paced humor and the solid writing.

The Chemistry between the cast seems good and lends to the tight delivery of the show. The casting of each character really adds, even when most of the characters are suppose to be cornball parts. The writers, directors and producer of this show should be very impressed with the work that is done here.

My final say is unless your straight edge or pure as a driven snow, you’ll fall for this show and wait on gin baited breath for the next installment of this gloriously delight.

Rating: 5 out of 5


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  1. limberwulf Said:

    This was one of the first video podcasts that I really loved. I liked the tech shows I had seen, but not a show devoted to comedy and a subject not necessarily related to (tho it is often associated with) computers and computer people. It was also one of the fwe shows I can say I loved even the first one, which is a testament to the quality of production and the strength of the writing and acting. Its a great idea, and holds the deserved title of one of the original moguls of the podcasting world. Great show, I only wish there were more episodes. 🙂

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