Geek Week

Geek Week is a guilty pleasure for the geek. The show covers a wide range of topics which should entice the casual collector to the avid fanatic to watch. Even if you are a lurker with in the geek world this show is a good doorway to learning more about the world of geeks.

What makes this a good view is the tight production level. Professional level graphics and editing make this a seemless production. Good sound and overall presentation add to the rating of the show. This is eye candy for the geek!

The hosts play a major role in making this show watchable. Brian and Jack mix the conversation up and keep the shows pacing quick and delivered in a way that keeps you interested. The timing and length of the segements is another reason why this is a “keeper” of a show. All of the host have a deep passion for the topics and shows in the presentation. Geek Week uses short skecthes to transition between segements, which have been some of the best parts of the show. Sarah, another host, does a great segement that covers the Cosplay scene. This segement covers some of the best costumes that are to be seen in the local and national Cons.

One of the best parts of the shows is “Time to Bitch”. Jack and Brian take a look at the comics that are making or breaking the piggy banks of comic collectors around the world. The guys spend 2 minutes looking at what they call as some of the best or worst of the comic books coming out.

Over all I would suggest this show to any hard core geek, or even the closet geek. It’s funny, informative and high on production levels. One of the things I would like to see is more! The episodes have come out about once a month. I would like to see more but hey, I am just happy someone is covering the World of Geek.

Rating: 5 out of 5


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