Up In Smoke

Up In Smoke is not the 80’s movie about smoking herb and being from LA. The show is set in a cigar shop in anywhere’svile. As every business does this shop has it’s strange employees and even stranger customers.

The basic plot of show is the day to day customers that visit the shop. Some come in hopes for the perfect cigar, the meaning of life, or just to hide from the boss. The staff is more than likely to confuse the customer than actually help, but don’t worry at the end of the show we have the tip of the month from the real cigar shop owner.

The cast is a strong start to this show. With the flare for timing, the show seems to hit the right spot. Even capturing the humor in even daily activities. Throw in a little geek humor and we can all be happy. Even the great John C Dvorak and Steve Gibson made a stop into the cigar shop.

The production value is very basic but has improved over the episodes. Sound is still an issue but it seems it’s more the location than any production problem. What makes this a decent show is the premises, the cigar shop. To some it can come across as a commercial for the shop, but I am willing to watch this show for it’s content.

Rating; 3 out of 5


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  1. limberwulf Said:

    This show started out real slow to me. I dont necessarily follow all the humor, but that may just be my taste. The cast has potential tho, and it wouldnt be the first show to have a slwo start and then get really, really good. I look forward to the future.

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