Cherub is a comical look into the newest fad of vampires. While the subject of vampires is nothing new, this show is more of a lampoon of the shows you find on the TV. Specifically it runs along the lines of Buffy or Angel.

Basically, the follows the antics of Cherub, a vampire cursed to wear some pink bunny slippers that will force him to feel remorse. This vampire runs a detective agency that looks into some strange and funny cases.
The show is going into it’s second season and is still strong with the comedy and story lines. The cast is a strong part of the show, they show excellent timing and proficiency with the subject matter. The writing is good enough to keep someone engaged and wanting to see the next episode.

Production value is decent and has improved. Sound is the best part of the show, crystal clear sound runs through-out the show. I found only a few problems but on both PC speakers and earphones the sound had very few issues. It’s nice to also see a show with a contained set site. this allows for the show to do many things that a mobile set can not.

Over all this is a strong show for fans of Buffy and Angel. It would make it a stretch to anyone not into these things, but you might surprise yourself and find this to be a hit.It worth a peek and I would even suggest subscribing and checking it out regularly.

Rating; 4 out of 5


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