Chad Vader

Chad Vader – Day Shift Manager is a show about one of the most infamous villains of the all times, the sith Lord Vader. The show is not based in the Star Wars Galaxy, more like our world and possibly your next door grocery store. The Story is that Chad Vader is the day shift manager of a local grocery chain. He stalks the aisles dispensing commands and enforcing his will upon the down trodden workers.

It’s part parody, sketch humor meets quirky romance that makes this a hit. This is stating it lightly, this show on has been seen well over 20,000 views in about a months time.

The comedic timing is paramount due to the type of parody their are attempting, and for the most part the cast and writers nail it every-time. I say this being a fan of the Star Wars megalith, so for those that do not get the inside jokes or do not know the lines by heart I can see a different view of the show. The scenes are still funny and the setting is what really makes this show a web blockbuster.

The production value is high. I found very few issues with any of the production. YouTube version are a little grainy but that’s the problem with using them. The ability to film in a real grocery store has really bolstered this shows appeal. If it would have been a sound stage I might have to call foul on it. The special effects add with light saber fights and the occasional sith power being utilized.

What makes this really funny is the humanizing of a mythical evil character from our past and for some our nightmares. The idea is original and has potential to be an even bigger blockbuster. If you have 5-10 minutes during the day take a chance and get hooked on Chad Vader.

Rating; 5 out of 5


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