Open Alpha

Open Alpha is a tech show based on gaming. Jenn Cutter is your guide through the world of console and portable gaming. This show has gotten a nice fan base and Jenn is the person that has made the show a success.

Her passion for gaming is what is refreshing to watch. Too many times I have watched a show reviewing games, and the host seems annoyed that they were forced to tell you about this game or that. Jenn is a cute, bubbly person that reminds my of the next-door neighbor. Don’t let that fool you she is smart as a whip and very knowledgeable about games, the industry and people who play them.

Jenn is a hard-core gamer that loves to share the enthusiasm of a new game or a hidden treasure lost and forgotten. This is a plus becuase she will find those hard to find items just to showcase them.

The shows production value has increased greatly since the original show about a little over a year ago. Upgrades in cameras and equipment have allowed the show to become one of the reviews shows that should be watched.

The desing and implementation of the show is is very basic, but I think thats why it apeals to me. I get the information I need with out being distracted. I would suggest this to any gamer that likes to pick up on any of the new or even some older games that they once liked.

Rating: 4 out 5


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