Command N

Command N was created on the heels of  “The Screen Savers” crash. It is another product of the Tech TV crew (Canadian that is). The host are Amber Mac and Mike Lazazzera and are Mac lovers.

The show is all about everything Mac and of Apple design, well not everything. The show covers web pages that range from; increasing productivity, to just helpful in its source information and then to the downright fun. They dive into the new comers for blogging, video production and creativity software.

The cast is what makes this a good show. Everyone involved is knowledgeable about computers, macs and software. If they say something is a “need to have” peice of equipment or software, you can pretty much bet the farm on it.

Production value is extremely high on the segment, which coming from broadcasters still means something to me. The graphics are some of the best in vidcasting, the editing and segments are done professional style down to the timing of the show. Some formats do come out blurry but that’s intended for the non-cable watchers.

This show is recommend for the casual to the most ardent Mac user. As for us PC’ers I would still suggest reading the weeks byline for helpful tidbits and new sources to keep yourself up to date.

Rating; 5 out of 5


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