Systm is a show about computers and technology, and no I didn’t mis-spell the name it’s called SYSTM. Kevin Rose from Tech TV’s “The Screen Savers”, the vidcast “The Broken”, and now entrepreneur of Revision 3 (, is one of the host. Along with Dan Huard, also a Tech TV alum.

The show is about building, fixing or creating computers, parts or gadgets. While the show has only six episodes (and one min episode) they are packed with information.

Production value is pretty good, the best graphics I have seen on a IPTV show. The set, lighting and sound are all studio quality. They offer many ways to view with a variety of fiel extensions to handle whoever is watching.

What makes his a good watch is not only the production level, but the level of information. Whether you are the hard core technophiles or the beginner technophobe, these guys explain it in a way that makes it seem easier than baking a pie. While the level of their experience greatly outweighs a average watchers possible abilities, the projects are still with-in limits of the beginner.

The ONLY minus…. the lack of updates and new episodes. I can overlook that because this show is worth wating for.

Rating: 5 out of 5


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