Revision 3 Launch Party

The Lack of posting is due to the fact that I have been in San Francisco attending the Revision 3 Launch party.

Revision 3 is home to Systm, CTRL-ALT-CHICKEN and several other IPTV shows. Even more interesting is the fact that it is host one of the original IPTV shows called, The Broken. The show was done by Kevin Rose and Dan Huard from Tech TV. It was a irreverent look at Hacking and the hacker world. Ramzi is 1337, hax0r!

At the new Launch party, Revision 3 released the news of a new (and first), IPTV Network. Before launch the company had several shows under its wing already. At this launch they have almost doubled the number of shows from 7 to 11. New shows included a vidcast by Martin Sargent, called Web Drifter. Pixel Perfect by Bert Monroe. NotMTV a show about the independent music scene. Mysteries of Science, a wacky and weird look at science that is not for the typical, stuffy science buff. Along with a cast change for the show In-Digital to include Wil Wheaton.

Adding to the original show listing this is a strong showing of new talent and vision for the IPTV world. Tune into more and exciting things that are happening at the first network for IPTV, Revision 3.

The upgrade to the web site and the new look of this sleek IPTV company is something to keep watch on in the next year or so. Look for high quality, edgy web entertainment from this power house!


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