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Ctrl + Alt + Chicken

Ctrl-Alt-Chicken i s a cooking show that is part of the Revision 3 family of IPTV shows. Revision 3 has a strong showing bringing us some of the strongest IPTV sources found on the internet.

The show takes two host, Alex (from Diggnation) and Heather, on a journey into the realm of cooking newbie style. The basic idea of the show is to take what might be complicated and make it not as complicated by having two non-cooks doing the cooking. While Alex and Heather do most of the cooking the real learning comes from the shows experts in the Lab. The lab rats add a little background and history to the main ingredient or menu.

Alex and Heather bring a strong sense of timing and ability to keep the show going and fresh. Too many time I watch a cooking show and fall asleep due to the host being boring. Not so with these two. Both are enthusiastic if not over zealous in their attempts to share their cooking experiences. They have great chemistry and their low skill in cooking adds to the shows flavor.
What really is the best is the lab, Alex and Heather dress up and play the Dr. and the Assistant. I haven’t been able to get through a show with-out laughing or almost losing my lunch from laughing. It is by far one of the best part of the show.

The production level is professional broadcasting level, but what would you expect from the first IPTV network? Check this awesome cooking show out and remember cooking has got to be easy if these two can do it!

Rating: 4 out of 5



VideoGrunt is a webcast/vidcast about technology specific to film and the digital media. Created to educate and demonstrate the abilities and history of digital media, this show helps give a better understanding to what this new technology is about.

The show gets it name from the saying “grunt work”, which is referring to the basic thing that everyone needs to know about something. It’s a creative way of saying”I’ll help you through the grunt work of digital media”.

Craig Syverson is just the person to educate us on the realm of digital media and the new technology coming. Craig has a great way of explaining things that makes the most hated technology become more accessible for many.

Strong graphics, a good production value makes this a strong fore-runner of vidcast. I found the information entertaining even thought I already knew most of it. That is what makes a strong show, one that can delve deeper into a subject with-out loosing the audience.

I suggest anyone wanting to keep up with the “Jones” in the realm of digital media, basic terminology and technologies should give this vidcast a gander.
Rating: 4 out of 5

Hope is Emo

Remember that annoying girl that used to bug you about eating burgers, and how cows have lives too, then cry and make her mascara run? Well Hope is Emo is that girl. The show is about all that is emo, goth and being spoiled!

It takes a stab at the down and outs of being a young, teen in angst over the most mundane life issues. Dad not understanding why you don’t kill the cockroaches in the pizza box? Love forlorn because normal guys don’t like goth, pissy little things? Does a word bother you and send you into a fit of poetry? Then this is you. If it doesn’t bother you then laugh, sit back and enjoy one of the more laughable moments in one’s pain and misery.

The production value is tight, akin to ‘Ask a Ninja’. Use of quick cuts and weird angles really set the tone. I even like the sub standard sound levels to simulate it being a crappy cam that this girl uses as a journal tool.

Being a cast of one, I will have to say ‘Hope’ carries the show. Plain and simple she lets it all hang out for us to see the true side of being young, rich, and bored!

Rating: 5 out of 5

Ask a Ninja

Ask a Ninja is a small, humble vidcast (adding sarcasm) that teaches the great wisdom and ways of the Ninja. I would tell you more but then I would have to kill you. For the ways of a ninja are not just for mortal ears, you must be a special person to understand the calling.
The Ninja comes on and answers viewers email. He then dispenses his worldly view of how the ninja see the answer to the question, then promptly and as always threatens to kill us all. As far as I can surmise, due to the fact you can never get a straight answer out of the creators, the show started from a funny web site about ninjas. This web site, be it real or not, looks like a 12 year old boy did it. One that is totally enthralled with ninjas and what makes them tick.

The show is amazing. Production level is one of the best I have seen. The use of green screen adds to the skits and makes for even more comedy through graphics and special effects. The sound quality and editing is on par with a broadcast show.

The writing is tight and keeps you in stitches. I have convereted almost everyone I have shown the Ninja to watch this show as much as possible. It does take a few watches, and I suggest watching an old episode called, “Ninja Dogs” to start off your viewing of the greatest ninja act to come out of California.

Watch for the crew of this show to come out with some good cracks and possible delve into things you feel no-one should ever go. Beware that if you don’t have a sense of humor,  are heartless or are Republican, you might  not find this show to your liking.

Rating: 5 out of 5

The Traveling Morans

The Traveling Morans is a year long adventure following newlyweds in a globe trotting affair. As it’s name implies  it is a travel show. What you don’t know is who the newlyweds are and why your should watch this ‘Gem(s) of the Internet’ (inside

Sarah Lane and Brendan Moran fell in love. They decided like all crazy young lovers to do something completely idiotic and travel the world as a honeymoon. That means 24/7, 365 days of not being apart. What better way to show each other their love.

Sarah and Brendan are no slouches to the entertainment world. Alum of the Tech TV (G4) show called, The Screen Savers (Attack of the Show currently). Sarah was producer, on air talent and jack of all trades for the show. Brendan was cued as a roving reporter, “johnny-on-the-spot” and faithful drinker of the show.

What separates this show from your average travel blog, or travel show, is that fact that these two have a awesome chemistry. The dry, witty humor keeps thing moving and interesting. Along with pictures, a detailed blog (both her’s and his sides of the coin), and a chance to help fund their experience the Moran put an all-inclusive look into their travels.

Production value is very good for a camcorder and laptop. What else would you expect from a couple of seasoned broadcast veterans. The snappy editing and great vistas add the look and feel of the show. I am impressed every time I watch and episode. For reason that many of the place they travel are considered the ‘Third World”.

The show is a great escape from the mundane and boring travel shows that plague the cable and broadcast waves. I for one would like to see the Travel Channel or Discovery pick these two up as a show for future travels.

To Sarah and Brendan, good luck and God speed on your travels. I look forward to hearing more from you.

Rating: 4 out of 5

Web Drifter

Web Drifter is another show from the IPTV network called Revision 3. Ex-Tech TV Alum, Martin Sargent is the host of this show. Basically, Web Drifter is about a search of the webs oddities and weirdness and the sharing of that with you, the viewer.

Sargent is no slouch when it comes to being funny, odd and brilliant. All wrapped up in one package. His show on G4 was cancelled, and was well ahead of its time. Think Tom Green meets Katie Couric meets Robin Leech.

This is Sargent’s second show with the new network. He has been producing an audio cast that is called “Infected”. Another top notch humor, crazy, mind blowing affair. Sargent, as usual gives us a close look into the strangest and most “profound” things on the web. Not only does he look into these sites, but he now visits the creators to pick their brain. His ability to roast, interview and open these people up is uncanny, shades of David Letterman.

The production value is decent. Clean visuals, good audio and for the most part well timed segments. At the time of this review, only one episode has been released, I have a feeling this will be one of the stronger shows out of Revision 3.

In a business where coming up with edgy, new ideas is almost impossible, Sargent and his crew pull out a winner. I would happily suggest this show to any of you out there that are one of the following: Alive, Like Humor, Conspiracy Theorist, Insane, or from West (by God) Virginia or Pig Lovers.

Rating: 4 out of 5

The Broken

Hot off the launch party, I thought it might be nice to go throw some of the Revision 3’s heavy hitters out for viewing.

Some may call this show the grandfather of IPTV (I would refer to it more as the Godfather). It was around before I-Pods had video, before people knew that P2P could be used for legitimate reasons, before YouTube (gasp)… It’s The Broken.

K. Rose and Double D are your host in the fast paced, sexy world of hacking (???). Mull that one over while I explain what I mean. These two cats take us into a world that hackers are the rock-stars and you can get away with anything (with disclaimers of course).

Anything from watching how to melt your laptop to protect all that sensitive data (porn), making a door opener (for those girlfriends that just dont like you anymore), or tips on how to get around on BlockFister (take it to the man, biatch)! These guys put an edge into hacking.

With an extremely high production level, one that will rarely be touched. We have a beautiful, stunning masterpiece that is fun and fitting for the target audience. The latest episode is so ADD that I had stop taking my meds to follow, but that’s what makes it so good.

The host are strong and sell the segments like pros, oh yeah they are professionals. The topics keep you interested and the timing of the shows is right on for all types of viewers. The interludes are a trip and have added a dimension to a tech show that was sorely needed, fun transitions.

Even if you are not a hacker, this is a show that is a must see. If you like 40’s, computers and sticking it to the “man”. Then this is the end all of shows for you!

Rating: 5(6) out 5