The Broken

Hot off the launch party, I thought it might be nice to go throw some of the Revision 3’s heavy hitters out for viewing.

Some may call this show the grandfather of IPTV (I would refer to it more as the Godfather). It was around before I-Pods had video, before people knew that P2P could be used for legitimate reasons, before YouTube (gasp)… It’s The Broken.

K. Rose and Double D are your host in the fast paced, sexy world of hacking (???). Mull that one over while I explain what I mean. These two cats take us into a world that hackers are the rock-stars and you can get away with anything (with disclaimers of course).

Anything from watching how to melt your laptop to protect all that sensitive data (porn), making a door opener (for those girlfriends that just dont like you anymore), or tips on how to get around on BlockFister (take it to the man, biatch)! These guys put an edge into hacking.

With an extremely high production level, one that will rarely be touched. We have a beautiful, stunning masterpiece that is fun and fitting for the target audience. The latest episode is so ADD that I had stop taking my meds to follow, but that’s what makes it so good.

The host are strong and sell the segments like pros, oh yeah they are professionals. The topics keep you interested and the timing of the shows is right on for all types of viewers. The interludes are a trip and have added a dimension to a tech show that was sorely needed, fun transitions.

Even if you are not a hacker, this is a show that is a must see. If you like 40’s, computers and sticking it to the “man”. Then this is the end all of shows for you!

Rating: 5(6) out 5


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