Web Drifter

Web Drifter is another show from the IPTV network called Revision 3. Ex-Tech TV Alum, Martin Sargent is the host of this show. Basically, Web Drifter is about a search of the webs oddities and weirdness and the sharing of that with you, the viewer.

Sargent is no slouch when it comes to being funny, odd and brilliant. All wrapped up in one package. His show on G4 was cancelled, and was well ahead of its time. Think Tom Green meets Katie Couric meets Robin Leech.

This is Sargent’s second show with the new network. He has been producing an audio cast that is called “Infected”. Another top notch humor, crazy, mind blowing affair. Sargent, as usual gives us a close look into the strangest and most “profound” things on the web. Not only does he look into these sites, but he now visits the creators to pick their brain. His ability to roast, interview and open these people up is uncanny, shades of David Letterman.

The production value is decent. Clean visuals, good audio and for the most part well timed segments. At the time of this review, only one episode has been released, I have a feeling this will be one of the stronger shows out of Revision 3.

In a business where coming up with edgy, new ideas is almost impossible, Sargent and his crew pull out a winner. I would happily suggest this show to any of you out there that are one of the following: Alive, Like Humor, Conspiracy Theorist, Insane, or from West (by God) Virginia or Pig Lovers.

Rating: 4 out of 5


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