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The Traveling Morans

The Traveling Morans is a year long adventure following newlyweds in a globe trotting affair. As it’s name impliesĀ  it is a travel show. What you don’t know is who the newlyweds are and why your should watch this ‘Gem(s) of the Internet’ (inside

Sarah Lane and Brendan Moran fell in love. They decided like all crazy young lovers to do something completely idiotic and travel the world as a honeymoon. That means 24/7, 365 days of not being apart. What better way to show each other their love.

Sarah and Brendan are no slouches to the entertainment world. Alum of the Tech TV (G4) show called, The Screen Savers (Attack of the Show currently). Sarah was producer, on air talent and jack of all trades for the show. Brendan was cued as a roving reporter, “johnny-on-the-spot” and faithful drinker of the show.

What separates this show from your average travel blog, or travel show, is that fact that these two have a awesome chemistry. The dry, witty humor keeps thing moving and interesting. Along with pictures, a detailed blog (both her’s and his sides of the coin), and a chance to help fund their experience the Moran put an all-inclusive look into their travels.

Production value is very good for a camcorder and laptop. What else would you expect from a couple of seasoned broadcast veterans. The snappy editing and great vistas add the look and feel of the show. I am impressed every time I watch and episode. For reason that many of the place they travel are considered the ‘Third World”.

The show is a great escape from the mundane and boring travel shows that plague the cable and broadcast waves. I for one would like to see the Travel Channel or Discovery pick these two up as a show for future travels.

To Sarah and Brendan, good luck and God speed on your travels. I look forward to hearing more from you.

Rating: 4 out of 5