Hope is Emo

Remember that annoying girl that used to bug you about eating burgers, and how cows have lives too, then cry and make her mascara run? Well Hope is Emo is that girl. The show is about all that is emo, goth and being spoiled!

It takes a stab at the down and outs of being a young, teen in angst over the most mundane life issues. Dad not understanding why you don’t kill the cockroaches in the pizza box? Love forlorn because normal guys don’t like goth, pissy little things? Does a word bother you and send you into a fit of poetry? Then this is you. If it doesn’t bother you then laugh, sit back and enjoy one of the more laughable moments in one’s pain and misery.

The production value is tight, akin to ‘Ask a Ninja’. Use of quick cuts and weird angles really set the tone. I even like the sub standard sound levels to simulate it being a crappy cam that this girl uses as a journal tool.

Being a cast of one, I will have to say ‘Hope’ carries the show. Plain and simple she lets it all hang out for us to see the true side of being young, rich, and bored!

Rating: 5 out of 5


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