VideoGrunt is a webcast/vidcast about technology specific to film and the digital media. Created to educate and demonstrate the abilities and history of digital media, this show helps give a better understanding to what this new technology is about.

The show gets it name from the saying “grunt work”, which is referring to the basic thing that everyone needs to know about something. It’s a creative way of saying”I’ll help you through the grunt work of digital media”.

Craig Syverson is just the person to educate us on the realm of digital media and the new technology coming. Craig has a great way of explaining things that makes the most hated technology become more accessible for many.

Strong graphics, a good production value makes this a strong fore-runner of vidcast. I found the information entertaining even thought I already knew most of it. That is what makes a strong show, one that can delve deeper into a subject with-out loosing the audience.

I suggest anyone wanting to keep up with the “Jones” in the realm of digital media, basic terminology and technologies should give this vidcast a gander.
Rating: 4 out of 5


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