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Ctrl + Alt + Chicken

Ctrl-Alt-Chicken i s a cooking show that is part of the Revision 3 family of IPTV shows. Revision 3 has a strong showing bringing us some of the strongest IPTV sources found on the internet.

The show takes two host, Alex (from Diggnation) and Heather, on a journey into the realm of cooking newbie style. The basic idea of the show is to take what might be complicated and make it not as complicated by having two non-cooks doing the cooking. While Alex and Heather do most of the cooking the real learning comes from the shows experts in the Lab. The lab rats add a little background and history to the main ingredient or menu.

Alex and Heather bring a strong sense of timing and ability to keep the show going and fresh. Too many time I watch a cooking show and fall asleep due to the host being boring. Not so with these two. Both are enthusiastic if not over zealous in their attempts to share their cooking experiences. They have great chemistry and their low skill in cooking adds to the shows flavor.
What really is the best is the lab, Alex and Heather dress up and play the Dr. and the Assistant. I haven’t been able to get through a show with-out laughing or almost losing my lunch from laughing. It is by far one of the best part of the show.

The production level is professional broadcasting level, but what would you expect from the first IPTV network? Check this awesome cooking show out and remember cooking has got to be easy if these two can do it!

Rating: 4 out of 5