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Romeo Theater

Romeo Theater is a great way of getting short films out and seen. John Romeo is a film maker and has an open call to submission from anyone who has the creativity and gumption to put out a short film.

As for John’s productions, they have decent production value and are well edited and composed. John has a flare for this and it comes out in his work. You can see when someone enjoys their work because it shows in the crafting of the show. While the productions are strong they still can be considered amateur film making, which adds to the strength of the show.

The stories are fun to watch and will at some moment touch each person with a sense of Dejavu about someone they know. They are witty and well written. They actors are the common person, but it rarely takes away from the feature, in fact it augments the show to make it even better.

This is a good webcast to keep track of and even submit to when you think you have something worth putting out on the web.

Rating: 4 out of 5