Pure Pwnage

Is a step to the other side of reality type of vidcast. Pure Pwnage started off as a funny, off humor  show about a guy and his games. Jeremy is the ultimate gamer, one that is the best of the best. The kind you hate to play because he has no life and plays games 24/7. The kind of gamer that makes you want to quit playing games and become a monk.

The characters have grown since the beginning of this miss-adventure in geekdom. Jeremy is our lead and had several characters revolve around him, but Jeremy is our focal point. The show is shot as if a documentary of Jeremy’s life was in progress. Which is just what anyone would really want, to follow a gamer around all the time.

The story is simple at first, guy plays games, pwns everyone and tkaes no prisoners. The thing is that as we delve into this gamers life we find we are only on the surface of this juicy banana.  The road that Jeremy ends up taking is an amazing adventure that leaves us breathless.

The production value is good. Editing, camera and scoring is strong. The vidcast has been seen as one of the more innovators of the IPTV world. The growth and span of viewership on the show is  testament to this shows appeal. At one time they sold a piece of “Jeremy’s hair” on ebay. They used the money to improve productions, but also to go an visit the fan that paid for the snippet of hair. Then even included the fan into one of the episodes!

If you are looking for a show that is off the wall, fun with out taking itself serious and a laugh a minute, then this is you show.  If you’re looking for serious, dramatic on the edge kinda of stuff, then while this might not be a show for you, you should watch it anyway and lighten up “you n00b”.

Rating 4 out of 5


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