I run a small Production company that provides several IPTV shows. In searching and watching other shows I found it might be helpful to start a critics view of all the shows. Some are good, some are great, and others I do the work and you can thank me.

What I look for;

1. Visually is the show visually appealing. Do they use colors and shades that accent the look and feel of the content. On the flip side is it to dark, bad lighting or brash graphics.

2. Content of the show. Does the show have a flow that lends story, topic or news item. Does the show do it in a timely manner as not to over use or under use the topic or story. Ultimately do I get a sense of coming away with a new idea, the sense of a good story telling, or even learning something new.

3. Actors/Host/Interviewers – Do the cast of these shows fit with in the arena of the shows design. Do they’re skills accent the story, information being told or how something may be taught or learned?

4. Production Value is a big part of this. With constraints on most of these shows being done by the public and on their own “dime”, did the show utilize all the possible skills to ensure a quality program. Was the production value something that made this show a piece that would contend with broadcast TV?

All of these factors go into what I am looking to rate a show. I hope that I can be of some help to those new and those who are veterans of the vodcast, vidcast, podcast, or whatever you might call this way of delivering entertainment.


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