Duder is a show about a group of guys based in Brooklyn NY. It touts itself as a web comedy that is of the likes of Curb Your Enthusiasm, Arrested Development and The Office. It does pretty well to follow the comedic styles of these shows.

The acting is actually decent and the timing of the humor is pretty tight. The writing has potential to add to the growth of the show. The basic story is things that happens in the life of three friends. Each one a crazy character, just like the shows above.

The production value is of indy film level. I originally found the show on YouTube, but once I found the website and got to the higher compressions I saw the increased production value.  The production uses live sets as well as contained sets and mixes them well.

As a show goes I found this one to be pretty good. I would go so far to suggest a look and spend a couple minutes watching the episodes and the extras the site contains. This show is relatively new to the web TV/vidcast/IPTV arena so there are only 2 episodes, but it still is worth a look.

Rating: 4 out of 5



Systm is a show about computers and technology, and no I didn’t mis-spell the name it’s called SYSTM. Kevin Rose from Tech TV’s “The Screen Savers”, the vidcast “The Broken”, and now entrepreneur of Revision 3 (Digg.com), is one of the host. Along with Dan Huard, also a Tech TV alum.

The show is about building, fixing or creating computers, parts or gadgets. While the show has only six episodes (and one min episode) they are packed with information.

Production value is pretty good, the best graphics I have seen on a IPTV show. The set, lighting and sound are all studio quality. They offer many ways to view with a variety of fiel extensions to handle whoever is watching.

What makes his a good watch is not only the production level, but the level of information. Whether you are the hard core technophiles or the beginner technophobe, these guys explain it in a way that makes it seem easier than baking a pie. While the level of their experience greatly outweighs a average watchers possible abilities, the projects are still with-in limits of the beginner.

The ONLY minus…. the lack of updates and new episodes. I can overlook that because this show is worth wating for.

Rating: 5 out of 5

Command N

Command N was created on the heels of  “The Screen Savers” crash. It is another product of the Tech TV crew (Canadian that is). The host are Amber Mac and Mike Lazazzera and are Mac lovers.

The show is all about everything Mac and of Apple design, well not everything. The show covers web pages that range from; increasing productivity, to just helpful in its source information and then to the downright fun. They dive into the new comers for blogging, video production and creativity software.

The cast is what makes this a good show. Everyone involved is knowledgeable about computers, macs and software. If they say something is a “need to have” peice of equipment or software, you can pretty much bet the farm on it.

Production value is extremely high on the segment, which coming from broadcasters still means something to me. The graphics are some of the best in vidcasting, the editing and segments are done professional style down to the timing of the show. Some formats do come out blurry but that’s intended for the non-cable watchers.

This show is recommend for the casual to the most ardent Mac user. As for us PC’ers I would still suggest reading the weeks byline for helpful tidbits and new sources to keep yourself up to date.

Rating; 5 out of 5

Open Alpha

Open Alpha is a tech show based on gaming. Jenn Cutter is your guide through the world of console and portable gaming. This show has gotten a nice fan base and Jenn is the person that has made the show a success.

Her passion for gaming is what is refreshing to watch. Too many times I have watched a show reviewing games, and the host seems annoyed that they were forced to tell you about this game or that. Jenn is a cute, bubbly person that reminds my of the next-door neighbor. Don’t let that fool you she is smart as a whip and very knowledgeable about games, the industry and people who play them.

Jenn is a hard-core gamer that loves to share the enthusiasm of a new game or a hidden treasure lost and forgotten. This is a plus becuase she will find those hard to find items just to showcase them.

The shows production value has increased greatly since the original show about a little over a year ago. Upgrades in cameras and equipment have allowed the show to become one of the reviews shows that should be watched.

The desing and implementation of the show is is very basic, but I think thats why it apeals to me. I get the information I need with out being distracted. I would suggest this to any gamer that likes to pick up on any of the new or even some older games that they once liked.

Rating: 4 out 5

Chad Vader

Chad Vader – Day Shift Manager is a show about one of the most infamous villains of the all times, the sith Lord Vader. The show is not based in the Star Wars Galaxy, more like our world and possibly your next door grocery store. The Story is that Chad Vader is the day shift manager of a local grocery chain. He stalks the aisles dispensing commands and enforcing his will upon the down trodden workers.

It’s part parody, sketch humor meets quirky romance that makes this a hit. This is stating it lightly, this show on YouTube.com has been seen well over 20,000 views in about a months time.

The comedic timing is paramount due to the type of parody their are attempting, and for the most part the cast and writers nail it every-time. I say this being a fan of the Star Wars megalith, so for those that do not get the inside jokes or do not know the lines by heart I can see a different view of the show. The scenes are still funny and the setting is what really makes this show a web blockbuster.

The production value is high. I found very few issues with any of the production. YouTube version are a little grainy but that’s the problem with using them. The ability to film in a real grocery store has really bolstered this shows appeal. If it would have been a sound stage I might have to call foul on it. The special effects add with light saber fights and the occasional sith power being utilized.

What makes this really funny is the humanizing of a mythical evil character from our past and for some our nightmares. The idea is original and has potential to be an even bigger blockbuster. If you have 5-10 minutes during the day take a chance and get hooked on Chad Vader.

Rating; 5 out of 5


Cherub is a comical look into the newest fad of vampires. While the subject of vampires is nothing new, this show is more of a lampoon of the shows you find on the TV. Specifically it runs along the lines of Buffy or Angel.

Basically, the follows the antics of Cherub, a vampire cursed to wear some pink bunny slippers that will force him to feel remorse. This vampire runs a detective agency that looks into some strange and funny cases.
The show is going into it’s second season and is still strong with the comedy and story lines. The cast is a strong part of the show, they show excellent timing and proficiency with the subject matter. The writing is good enough to keep someone engaged and wanting to see the next episode.

Production value is decent and has improved. Sound is the best part of the show, crystal clear sound runs through-out the show. I found only a few problems but on both PC speakers and earphones the sound had very few issues. It’s nice to also see a show with a contained set site. this allows for the show to do many things that a mobile set can not.

Over all this is a strong show for fans of Buffy and Angel. It would make it a stretch to anyone not into these things, but you might surprise yourself and find this to be a hit.It worth a peek and I would even suggest subscribing and checking it out regularly.

Rating; 4 out of 5

Up In Smoke

Up In Smoke is not the 80’s movie about smoking herb and being from LA. The show is set in a cigar shop in anywhere’svile. As every business does this shop has it’s strange employees and even stranger customers.

The basic plot of show is the day to day customers that visit the shop. Some come in hopes for the perfect cigar, the meaning of life, or just to hide from the boss. The staff is more than likely to confuse the customer than actually help, but don’t worry at the end of the show we have the tip of the month from the real cigar shop owner.

The cast is a strong start to this show. With the flare for timing, the show seems to hit the right spot. Even capturing the humor in even daily activities. Throw in a little geek humor and we can all be happy. Even the great John C Dvorak and Steve Gibson made a stop into the cigar shop.

The production value is very basic but has improved over the episodes. Sound is still an issue but it seems it’s more the location than any production problem. What makes this a decent show is the premises, the cigar shop. To some it can come across as a commercial for the shop, but I am willing to watch this show for it’s content.

Rating; 3 out of 5

Geek Week

Geek Week is a guilty pleasure for the geek. The show covers a wide range of topics which should entice the casual collector to the avid fanatic to watch. Even if you are a lurker with in the geek world this show is a good doorway to learning more about the world of geeks.

What makes this a good view is the tight production level. Professional level graphics and editing make this a seemless production. Good sound and overall presentation add to the rating of the show. This is eye candy for the geek!

The hosts play a major role in making this show watchable. Brian and Jack mix the conversation up and keep the shows pacing quick and delivered in a way that keeps you interested. The timing and length of the segements is another reason why this is a “keeper” of a show. All of the host have a deep passion for the topics and shows in the presentation. Geek Week uses short skecthes to transition between segements, which have been some of the best parts of the show. Sarah, another host, does a great segement that covers the Cosplay scene. This segement covers some of the best costumes that are to be seen in the local and national Cons.

One of the best parts of the shows is “Time to Bitch”. Jack and Brian take a look at the comics that are making or breaking the piggy banks of comic collectors around the world. The guys spend 2 minutes looking at what they call as some of the best or worst of the comic books coming out.

Over all I would suggest this show to any hard core geek, or even the closet geek. It’s funny, informative and high on production levels. One of the things I would like to see is more! The episodes have come out about once a month. I would like to see more but hey, I am just happy someone is covering the World of Geek.

Rating: 5 out of 5

Tiki Bar TV

Tiki Bar TV is a slice from a different kind of show. It’s one part How-to show, two parts sketch comedy and a smattering of dance video.

For those who have not been living in the world of the tri-w’s, let me explain myself. Tiki Bar TV is most likely the best put together show on the web. Along with being funny, informative and having a sexy host (and no not Johnny-Johnny or Dr. Tiki).

The show is basically about how to make a a cocktail of the day. Each episode revolves around the taste of the day. Our characters Dr. Tiki, Johnny-Johnny (the bartender) and La La spin a story that can range from the avante guard to the extremely absurd. Through the story we learn about the ingredients of a drink and why the Dr. has prescribed this drink for consumption.

The production level is near the top of the ranks in web shows. Many shows now strive to be Tiki Bar but few will match its fast paced humor and the solid writing.

The Chemistry between the cast seems good and lends to the tight delivery of the show. The casting of each character really adds, even when most of the characters are suppose to be cornball parts. The writers, directors and producer of this show should be very impressed with the work that is done here.

My final say is unless your straight edge or pure as a driven snow, you’ll fall for this show and wait on gin baited breath for the next installment of this gloriously delight.

Rating: 5 out of 5


Geekdrome is a show about geeks, for geeks and revolving around things that are geek. Dan and Jon ramble through all the necessities of geek life. From comics to movies these guy cover it all!

The strongest thing going for this show is the talent of the host. Both Dan and Jon are well versed and strongly opinionated about the topics they choose to talk about. The ability is so well developed that it allows the watcher to make better decisions upon whatever movie, comic or geeky subject. If you are a person that likes movies and even think you know a lot of movies, I challenge you to go head-to-head with these guys. Not only do they know their movies but they have pretty good chemistry going on. The trailers and inside information the two have is amazing.

Another part of the show is the interviews. From Kevin Smith to Robert Smigel, these guys have pulled from some of the geek-fandom idols. Bringing these people into the studio to plug, talk or otherwise bullshit makes for great entertainment.

Production value is good but could be better. The sound is one of the problems that could be worked on. Being a editor I know the plagues of editing sound. Sometimes the sound will fluctuate and go from being quite to then blowing your ears out. My suggestion would be to go to wireless microphones (LAV mics).

This show is a fun romp through all the things that we covet. The major problem that I had was it was to long. Most episodes are over an hour long. They do keep pace, but I would find myself wanting to jump ahead to see what they next topic would be. Especially if your a lunch time watcher. This one is going to take you several lunch breaks to get through.

Rating: 4 out of 5

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